5 Top Things to Do in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has always been considered as a happening place and it is quite true as the city has a lot to offer. Here we will make a list of the 5 top things to do in Brooklyn-

1. Take a Walk in Brooklyn Bridge

You may have seen this bridge in multiple movies, but we can bet that the real experience will be far memorable. This is not only a bride, but it is a landmark of the architectural brilliance. It was opened in 1883 and was the first suspension bridge in the world. It still attracts lots of tourists and locals who come to enjoy the amazing view of Lower Manhattan and other landmarks like the Statue of Liberty.

2. An Afternoon at The Prospect Park

The soothing atmosphere and the indigenous forest are the best companions of those lazy afternoons. The trees and free flowing breeze make this park a breathing room of the city. The additions of the Zoo and Bandshell have increased the attractions of the park. Many live concerts arranged here throughout the year.

3. A Visit to The History- Brooklyn Museum

This 560,000 square foot museum has a historical significance in the American history. This Museum showcased African artwork in America for the first time. It has almost 4000 artworks made by famous artists from all over the world. It also has a dedicated section of the feminist art. The place is surely a treat and a treasure for the people who are greedy for knowledge.

4. Shopping in Brooklyn Flea

It has been doing a good job by setting new standards for the foods and goods. The market has increased its popularity in the five-year journey. Many aspiring designers are here with their collection. It is a great place to find some new trends and styles. It will give you a good insight about the current state of the fashion world. The food here is also mouth watering and one can varieties option at a very comfortable rate.

5. Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Promenade

This is a perfect place if you want to gaze the New York City. This breathtaking place in busy Brooklyn-Queens Expressway will make give you a new look at the New York City. This place very well planned and beautifully set up attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. Here, an evening with your loved one will give you moments to cherish for a lifetime.

All these 5 top things to do in Brooklyn are very much related to the place and atmosphere. It shows that the vibe of the Brooklyn is its main treasure.

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